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Concerto for Electric Guitar

2222 2 231 Tp Perc(2) El. Gtr. Str. Duration 25

Performed twice in London in 1977, once by the Kensington Symphony Orchestra under Leslie Head, and again by the Fulham Municipal Orchestra under Joseph Vandemoot.  Betro was the soloist on both occasions. ’


Serenade to Anna

For Flute, Guitar, Strings and Tambourine Duration 4’


Joseph On The Train

For Flute, two Clarinets, two Bassoons, Strings and Percussion Duration 4’


Le Tombeau de Ravel

Solo Guitar Duration 10’

Performed by Rose Andresier at the Purcell Room, London in 1988 was later published in the November 1988 issue of Guitar International as Gallic Serenade


Symphony No 1

Picc2222 Contra 2 231 Tp Perc(2) Str Duration 25'

Performed at the Mermaid Theatre London on 1 April 1990 by The Orchestra of the 20th Century under Lionel Friend


Symphony No 2

Picc22C/A2Sop. Sax, Bass Sax. 2Contra 4 331 Tp Perc Hp Str Duration 33’  “novel writing and effective orchestration” - Michael George, BBC Philarmonic


Rosin The Bows

Commissioned by The Kriesler String Orchestra, and performed by them on their tour of France and Belgium in 1995 Duration 20’  “…the music flows seamlessly and the instrumental writing is grateful to play” -  SPNM  Published by Forton Music Publishers.


Three Shades of Blue
Vl & Vc Duration 15’

Commissioned by Jeff Moore and Brian Mullen, Violin and Cello duo and performed by them at The British Music Information Centre in London on 24 September 1996Published by Forton Music Publishers.


Weekend Variations (aka Variations on an Eddie Cochran Hit Song)

222Alto Sax 2 2 230 Tp Perc(2) Pno Str Duration 20’

Eleven variations for Piano and Orchestra based on the Eddie Cochran 1960 recording “Weekend”


Carnival Rumble

2/1222 4 231 Tp Perc(2) Str Duration 6

Commissioned by The Oxford Orchestra da Camera for a performance at Banbury on 12 September 1998


Back At Charlie's House (BACH)

1202 2 200 Tp Str Duration 11’

Commissioned by The Oxford Orchestra da Camera who gave the first performance on 11 May 2000 at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford. The work was then chosen as a showpiece for the Orchestra and was performed 11 times during their millennium tour of Eastern Europe in the same year, which included the Prague and the Esterhazy Festivals


Performed on 22 July 2002 as the opening event for the annual Jazz on the Streets Festival, played by approximately 70 musicians, individually walking from several points around Soho and the West End, finally all coming together at Covent Garden Piazza, where they joined forces and “blew the hell out of the piece with great energy and aplomb” - Evening Standard


Duelling Pianos

2 pianos Duration 16’

Duelling Pianos was written in 2005 for the Brazilian piano duo of Marcelo Bratke and Marcela Ruggeri and was first performed at the Brazilian Embassy in London in May 2007

“The final piece in the recital, Duelling Pianos, was electrifying.  The exuberance and virtuosity of the first movement delighted and astonished the audience.    The collective gasp of approval at the opening bars was audible.  The lyrical and beautiful second movement, interspersed with subtle hints of birdcalls, created a haunting spell of enchantment and winsome melancholy.  One did not want it to end.  The finale was a stock car race of speed and near misses that had the audience erupting into wild cheering at the finish line.  When the two pianists took their bows , a frothing victory bottle of champagne would not have been inappropriate.” - Rae Welensky  (The Wire)


Ready To Play – A Concerto for Orchestra

2222 4 231 Tp Perc(2) Str Duration 22’

Written in 2005.


Richmond Rumours

4 Guitars Duration 14’

Written in 2005 for Richmond Guitar Society


Kitchen Koncerto

Duration 6’

Written in 2005 for the Percussion Quartet “Brake Drum Assembly” who performed the piece on 21 September 2005 as part of the All Ears Festival of Contemporary Music  “a most enjoyable piece. I could have listened to much more of it” - Patrick Harrex


Streets of Wellington (For Orchestra)

Picc2222Contra Alto Sax 4 2211 Tp Perc Str

Written for The Forum Sinfonietta and performed by them in London on 22 October 2005


Symphony No 3

2/12/12sop.sax2 4 2211 Tp Perc(2) El. Gtr Bass Gtr El Org. Str Duration 25’


Symphony No 4

Duration 30'

2/123 alto sax21 4331 Tp perc Hp Str


Eight Daughters of Eve

Soprano & Percussion

A song cycle written in 2006 for the Percussion Quartet Brake Drum Assembly who performed the piece with Jane de Florez, on 23 September 2006 as part of the All Ears Festival of Contemporary Music.


The Gloating of the Demons

1111 111 2Perc Str.  Duration 5 minutes

First performance given in London on October 1st 2016 by the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Alan Taylor


Tapestry for Clarinets 

Clarinet Quartet.  Duration 5 minutes 

Written for The London Chamber Clarinet Quartet who performed it on 27 September 2006 at St. Cyprian’s, Baker St, London.  Published by Forton Music Publishers,



Picc22/1BassCL2/1AltSax21 4 3211 Perc(3) Hp Tp Str Chorus


Pepper!  A History, an Entertainment and a Piano Duet

Performed in London on May 18 by pianists Derek Foster and Martin Jones. Narrated by Jane de Florez.


Daughters of Abraham

A new musical, first seen at the Jermyn Street Theatre, London on 27th January 2011.


Six Easy Pieces For Guitar

Solo Guitar for student performance



Picc2/1 222C 4 2211 Tp Perc Str Mens’ Voices


Touchdown on the Bass Line

For four Double Basses or multiples of four, for student group or class.


Symphony No. 5

Picc22Eb221Sop.Sax. 4 3211 Tp 2perc. Str Duration 40’

The Trumpeter of Murderer's Bay : A Concerto for Trumpet
Picc223Sax2/Contra 4321 Tp Perc Hp Str

Three Witnesses to an Accident  

Wind Quintet in Three Movements.  Duration 9 minutes Published by Forton Music Publishers,

Fanfare for the All Blacks (to be published by Forton Music)

Wind Quintet. Duration 4 minutes 

Dances of Satan’s Daughters (to be published by Forton Music)

Wind Quintet.   Duration 10.5 minutes 


Jazz in the Streets  

Saxophone Quartet.  Duration 6 minutes  Published by Forton Music Publishers


Three Shades of Blue (to be published by Forton Music)

Violin & Cello in three movements.  Duration 13 minutes 


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